Installation Steps for Residential Solar Property

Step 1: Initial Feasibility

After submitting your researchSOLAR request, you will be contacted by qualified installers in your area.  The goal will be to provide an initial assessment and preliminary price quote for the solar system appropriate for your home.  The installers will need the following information to provide an accurate assessment:

  • Utility billing information for 12 months – this will give a full profile of your annual household needs
  • Site details: house location, roof material and type

If the details of the initial quote meet your approval, the installer will schedule a site visit.  Once the site visit is complete, the installers will provide a formal quote which will include:

  • System size, positioning/location and price
  • The price quote should have details of all equipment, building permits and inspections, fees and applicable rebates/tax credits related to the project
  • Timetable/schedule for site preparation and complete installation

Step 2: Contracts and Scheduling

Once you have chosen an installer and signed the installation contract, the project will formally start.  A 10% deposit is usually payable at this time.

The solar installer will submit your application to the public utility in order to qualify for the relevant rebate as well as procure the appropriate building permit.  Once the permit is received, you will typically have nine to twelve months to complete your installation before the public utility rebate window runs out. 

Installers generally complete the whole process within 60 days.  Note that if you are building a new home, additional information will be needed by your solar installer.

Step 3: Installation

Installers typically need 2-3 days to install a complete system.  When the solar module are delivered, 50% of the contract payment is due with the balance due on completion.

The rebate is typically collected directly by the solar installer.  Upon completion and payment, the local utility will install a new meter and may require a final inspection before activating the net metering agreement.

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